Monday, 5 May 2014

Run Java Apps on Android Using JBED

JBED is a simple emulator application for Android that lets you run your favorite Java apps on Android device. However, you need certain things to make your device compatible to JBED.

Firstly, your device needs to be rooted. As JBED will require root access.
You need to have at least version Android (1.6 or later).
Download JBED application and its library files. You can get all of these files here.
Download Root Explorer, it is freely available on Play Store.

Jbed requires root access during its installation. In case you haven’t rooted you device yet, make sure you have root access of your device before getting on to following procedure. Also, install JBED on your internal storage for faster accessing of the application and lower possibility of the errors.

How to Install and Configure JBED?
Running java apps on Jbed is an easy task, but before you can run any of the apps; it requires to be configured correctly. Just follow some simple steps as mentioned below:
As you might have already downloaded the JBED installation files from above links, now extract it and move it to your device storage.
Run JBED.apk file to install Jbed on your device.
Be sure to install it on internal storage of your device.
After you installation has been completed successfully, do not run jbed immediately.
Now you need to find the library file which you can find it in ‘Custome’ folder among the extracted files.

Library file should be ‘’ where ‘so’ will be its extension.
Now, open Root Explorer. Go to the directory where ‘’ is located. Be sure to use Root Explorer as ES File Manager won’t work here.
Copy ‘’ and paste to the directory ‘/system/lib/’

After you have successfully copied library file in the system library, restart your device. Please note that rebooting the device is mandatory and do not use JBED before restarting, as it will not work.


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