Monday, 5 May 2014

Enabling Safe Mode in Windows 8

the simplest way to setup advanced boot options or enable safe mode in windows 8. There are various ways of enabling safe mode in windows; some of them are listed below.

#Method 1 Enabling F8 Key Toggle

In this method, you only need to enable the F8 key function. In previous versions of windows as that in Windows XP and Windows 7, you can toggle advanced boot options by pressing F8 key before start screen appears. In Windows 8 no such functioning is allowed, however you can permanently enable it by following some simple steps.
Firstly, open elevated command prompt as administrator, when opened directory will be “c:\Windows\system32”.

Now, write following code in it, “bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy”.

Press Enter. You will be notified if operation is successful.
Restart your computer and check whether it worked or not.

You can disable this feature, in case you find it increasing your startup time, just type following code in elevated command prompt, “bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy standard”.
#Method 2
Using Advanced Startup Options

In case above method fails somehow, you can try this out. Follow on to know how to enable safe mode in windows using advanced startup options.
Start Windows 8 and search for ‘Advanced Startup’, select results under settings menu.
Settings screen will be opened. Scroll down till you find ‘Restart Now’ button under advanced startup. Your computer will now be restarted.

Advanced startup menu will now appear, open Troubleshoot option.

Now, open advanced option.

Open Startup Settings and again click on restart button and let your computer reboot again.

You will now see a startup screen, with some options provided with numbering. You will now have to make a choice by entering respective number. For example let it be ’4’ for safe mode then enter 4.

#Method 3-Using system Configuration Tool

In case you find above method too long and you are tired of restarting your computer again and again, you can try this method. In this method we will use System configuration utility or ‘msconfig’ for enabling safe mode in windows 8. However please have a notice on its hazards, it might sometimes hung your computer at safe mode. That is, after you reboot you might lead to safe mode again and again, this happens due to presence of some malwares on your computer. In case you’re sure of your computer being free from malwares, you can opt for this method.

Open charm bar and search for “msconfig”. Or simply hit Windows Key + R and type out “msconfig”.
System configuration will now be opened.
Go to Boot Tab.
Tick “Safe Boot”, save the changed options.
You will now be prompted to restart.
You will be rebooted to Safe Mode.

For disabling safe mode, you need to follow the same path from within safe mode and un-tick the safe boot option.
You will now be booted into Safe Mode.

This method is appropriate if you wish to boot to safe mode only once as per your wish.


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