Friday, 2 May 2014

How to add dictionaries to Google Chrome’s spell checker

You can add additional languages and dictionaries to the browser. This can be useful if you want spell checking functionality for additional languages. So, if you write in German and English for example, you may want to add the German dictionary to Chrome so that your German texts get spell checked as well.

To add a new language and dictionary to Chrome, do the following:
Load chrome://settings/languages directly in the web browser by pasting it into the address bar and hitting enter afterwards.
Or click on the Hamburger button located on the top right, select Settings, then Show advanced settings, and there language and input settings.

The languages menu displays all installed languages. You can only install spell checking support for languages that are installed in the browser, so click on add first on the screen to add another language to Chrome.

You can go quickly through the menu by entering the first couple of letters of the language that you want to add once the full selection menu is displayed here., e.g. Chi for Chinese.

For each language that you install this way, you get the following options:
Display Google Chrome in this language - This makes the selected language the primary language of Chrome. Note that a browser restart is required before the change takes effect. Menus are displayed in that language on restart. You can always go back to the previous language though.
Use this language for spell checking - You can only select one language for spell checking. This is the primary spell checking language that Chrome will use by default.
Offer to translate pages in this language - Chrome won't offer to translate pages in languages that you have installed by default. If you want that functionality, you need to check the box so that the translate option is displayed for the selected language.


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