Thursday, 8 May 2014

Download Windows Vista Theme “VistaVG Ultimate” for Windows XP

Here is how

"VistaVG" is the first Windows Vista look-a-like theme for Windows XP and all other Windows Vista look-like themes available on net are based on it.

How to Install and Use:

1. Once you download the file, extract it using WinRAR or 7-Zip. You'll get the main folder.

2. In this folder, you'll get 4 more folders:
Bottom Common Tasks (This folder contains "shellstyle.dll" file for showing common tasks at bottom in Windows explorer.)
Fonts (This folder contains Segoe UI fonts required for the theme. Copy them to "C:\Windows\Fonts" folder.)
Styler Toolbar (This folder contains Style toolbar for explorer. To know more about Styler and how to use it, visit this link.
Theme (This folder contains the main theme.)

3. Now download and run theme patcher to allow 3rd party themes using following topic:

4. Copy all contents in "Theme" folder to "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\" folder and apply the theme using Desktop Properties.

NOTE: To use "Bottom Common Tasks", you'll need to replace existing shellstyle.dll file presentin "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\VistaVG Ultimate\Shell\NormalColor\" with the one present in "Bottom Common Tasks" folder of downloaded ZIP file.


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