Thursday, 8 May 2014

Backup Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks

steps to follow:

1. First export your Firefox bookmarks for one time only and save the file to any desired location, which you think is safe.

To export Firefox bookmarks, go to Bookmarks -> Show All Bookmarks menu or pressCtrl+Shfit+B keys together. It'll open Bookmarks manager. Now click on Import and Backup -> Export Bookmarks to HTML option.

2. Close Firefox and type %appdata% in RUN or Start Menu search box and press Enter.

Now go to:


3. Now open prefs.js file in Notepad and add following line at the end of this file:

user_pref("browser.bookmarks.file", "E:\\Setup\\bookmarks.html");

NOTE: Here "E:\\Setup\\bookmarks.html" is the location where I have stored the bookmarks file. Change it to your desired location and make sure to use \\ instead of \.

That's it.


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