Monday, 7 April 2014

Tech solutions for Window Restarts by itself

Window Restarts by itself

If you are experiencing Window Shutting Down by itself or rebooting by itself, don’t worry, Its not about hardware , but, its a Windows issue, Queues of complains have arose from users saying that their Windows 8 restarts after approaching the login screen, at most of the times this issue is due to “NEW HYBRID FEATURE” which is introduced to lessen the Windows Loading time, on the other side, it is causing this auto-restart problems too.

You can resolve this issue with these steps :

Step 1: Goto START Menu and type POWER

Step 2: Click SETTINGS > This will lead you to Power Options Window

Step 3: Scroll Down to option “Turn on fast startup (recommended)

Windows 8

Uncheck the option and Click SAVE button.

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