Tuesday, 22 April 2014

How to Stay Safe Online – Tips to follow

It is arguably more important now than ever to stay safe online. The majority of business can take place online, with credit cards and other sensitive data readily available for those who would make advantage of exploits and illegal activities to acquire them.

Companies can make tempting targets online, so it is not something that should be left to chance

Follow these three pieces of advice and you can easily make any online activity much safer. Whether it’s the right line of defences, scanning for chinks in the armour or simply penetration testing with sheer strength, each method adds its own unique element to your security.

Scan your own security

First of all, don’t simply set up defences and assume it’s done. The only way to know if something works is to try and break it. When talking about computers and digital security, this means VA scanning. Such scans from the likes of
NCC Group look for vulnerabilities – areas that could easily be exploited by criminals or simply aren’t covered by your current protection.

In any case, it brings these risks to your attention, giving you the options to do what you feel is necessary. In other words, it lets you address the problem before anyone else finds out.

Test, test, test

Scanning is one thing, another is to test. The difference is simple: scanning shows potential weaknesses where as a test will effectively tell you how weak it is.

Testing is the next stage of the process and is just as crucial as scanning. Often in the form of penetration tests which attempt to break entry into your systems. Similar to scanning, this gives you the results so you are in a position to do something about it. Again, this means you can make changes and improvements before anyone else is able to exploit it.

Post-attack forensics

Finally, you may face one of those days where something simply does happen. Even though it’s already happened, digital forensics can still make some good out of this. Such digital forensics will help tell you what happened, how it happened and any other useful information as well as acting quickly to seal any breach and return security to its usual high.


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