Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tips to Speed up your broadband connection

Here is the solution

#1. Check for any Background Applications
The first and foremost thing that you need to do, if you feel that your broadband internet slowed down is check out your background applications. Most of us ignore the applications while installing which automatically enables them to run once you start your system.
This may lead to increase in the burden of your systems memory as well as some of the applications might be using your most of the packets that your receive which may lead to slow down of your connection.
So, just make sure what applications are running on your background and close the useless applications in order to make sure to improve your broadband speed as well as system performance.

#2. Make sure your ISP provides you the Optic Fiber and a reliable Internet cable
The Optical Fiber is really costly which is the major reason that most of the Internet Service provides don’t afford to use it. If he’s transferring the packets from Server to your local system by mean of normal cable, your broadband connection will be comparatively slower. So you are suggested to search for reliable cable services in your area which certainly gives you nice boost.
If you wish to extend the cable from one system to another, then you are suggested not to use the ordinary telephone cable extensions. These cables are generally twisted and twilled off which might interrupt the active flow of packets.

#3. Remove the Temporary files and also optimize your Cache
The cache obviously increase the performance of your broadband connection by not downloading the same file again and again. As a result you are not going to use packets too many times for previously visited webpages. Optimizing our cache will always helps us to improve the broadband speed.

The next important thing is to keep an eye on your temporary files. If you delete your temporary files, then the files like graphics, images etc., must be downloaded again. But again you are not suggested to allow these temporary files as well as cache to stay for long time. Make sure you clear your cache as well as your temporary files regularly.
In order to delete the temporary files go to run prompt ->type prefetch -> a new window will be opened -> delete all files over there.


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