Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Auto-Forward your SMS Messages and Call logs to Gmail

An Android application named Sms2Gmail, which is capable of Auto-Forwarding the Messages(SMS) and Call Logs(Missed calls) to your Gmail.

You may be wondering why would someone need to Auto-Forward his/her messages or missed calls to Gmail, if they are having mobile phone with them. Well, we shouldn’t forget that there may be the cases like you might have left your Mobile at home or theft or in some corporate offices the personal Mobiles aren’t allowed or you might have switched to new Mobile number but still want to track the details of the old device and many more reasons, which obviously makes the sense that this application is going to play decent role in tracking our stuff.

You’ll find many competitors for Sms2Gmail application, that can performs almost the same task by mailing the Messages and Call logs, but none of them can do it as good as Sms2Gmail. This application can forward both the Messages(SMS) and missed calls to your Gmail, but it says only “SMS”. You’ll receive entire message as well as sender’s name.

It is one of the most flexible applications and user friendly. After installing this application on your device you just need to enter you Gmail credentials. You also have an option of manual notifications, but again you can activate it back to auto-forwarding remotely by sending a Message(SMS) from any other phone to your Mobile. This application works only with your Gmail account.


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