Sunday, 9 February 2014

HTC Zoe Tips & Tricks


It’s a three second photo that makes it easy to capture those unplanned moments. It’s called HTC Zoe and it’s my favorite feature on the new HTC One. The first question many people ask is when should they take a Zoe instead of a simple picture? A Zoe is the perfect tool when you’re on the go and never know what’s going to happen next. Beyond this, there are a number of benefits to using Zoe to capture moments.

Finding the most effective image: have you ever ever taken a photograph solely to search out that the person had their eyes closed or wasn’t smiling? instead of take an equivalent image multiple times, have everybody createand snap a Zoe. Why? every Zoe contains concerning twenty individual pictures that you'll be able to review to search out the most effective picture. It’s a straightforward thanks to confirm you capture the most effective image attainable. merely stop the Zoe playback by sound the screen and so use the slider bar at the lowest to review every individual frame. Once you discover the image you wish to stay, choose “Save frame’ from the tools menu.

Creating sequence shots: If you’re in an active setting, such as skiing or running, capture the moment with Zoe. You’ll have an awesome 3 second clip that contains about 20 still photos. Create a sequence shot by going to Edit > Retouch > Sequence Shot and selecting the frames you want to use to create an amazing composite in a single photo.

Change the POV: As a lensman, I’m invariably pondering however alternative person} would possibly take a photograph and so attempting to shoot it from that other point-of-view. This has allowed Maine to urge some nice shots just because they're totally different. as an example, use the 3 second Zoe to begin with the wide landscape shot of a field jam-packed with flowers ending on the tight shot of that one flower right before of you. this may provide somebody viewing your Zoe the total expertise while not missing one detail.

Show a little movement:Unless i do know I’m aiming to be making a sequence shot, I even have found myself giving all of my Zoes a bit movement. simply a little quantity will considerably enhance the shot whereas showing the surroundings you or your subjects square measure in. Begin the motion before hit the shutter to begin the Zoe capture, then once you share the highlight video there’s seamless transition from one clip to ensuing.

Create an HTC Share: The HTC One let’s you produce Associate in Nursing HTC Share by choosing up to 10 photos and Zoes then sharing those intent on friends or family. It’s an excellent thanks to capture the instant and creates a unforgettable viewing expertise. expertise Associate in Nursing HTC Share of each day snow conduit at Snoqualmie Pass.

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