Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Maximize your screen space- windows 8 / windows 8.1

Let’s begin with the most recent thanks to share desktop area in Windows 8: Snap. to not be confused with Windows 7's desktop snap, Windows 8's Snap enables you to show 2 fashionable apps, or a contemporary app and therefore the desktop, on the screen at the same time.

This feature originally showed up in Windows eight, however has immensely improved in Windows 8.1 because of new size choices.



  • open multiple fullscreen modern apps
  • point mouse cursor at the lower-right corner of the screen towards Start button (Please do not click!)
  • Now slide your cursor upward 
  • A sidebar will  opens with your currently open apps.

on-screen real estate dedicated to each app by clicking on the black bar two Snapped apps, then dragging it left or right to resize the apps. On a large enough monitor, you can even view three apps at once using Snap. Talk about maximizing modern life.

Windows 7


  • Open Word and then tap the Windows key + the left arrow on your keyboard to resize the program to take up the left half of your right. 
  • Now open Chrome and Windows key + right arrow to snap the browser to the right side of the screen.
  • Now Each program now takes up half the screen
  • you can also manually drag an open window to the left or right edge of the screen to snap it

Tasking the taskbar
There also are some old window management options designed into the taskbar that may are available handy once you ought to see over 2 windows promptly. These options don’t very assist you maximize your table area the maximum amount as they create it easier to search out a selected window once you’ve got plenty of desktop apps open promptly.


Move your mouse down to the taskbar and right-click to show the context menu. 

You will see three different options

  • Cascade windows, 
  • show windows stacked, 
  • show windows side-by-side. 

Be warned: Using these features will display all your open windows at once, but they'll also mess up the default sizes of your windows.

Once you’ve mastered these various methods you can even try combining them—Snapping a modern app to one-third of your display

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