Sunday, 9 February 2014

Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics

When you are having network problems and cannot access the web, analytic the matter is not straightforward. As Ghacks points out, several pc systems have networking tools on the market to assist you work out the problem. Tools like ping, traceroute, nslookup, and netstat, area unit all tested utilities that facilitate determine network issues.

If you are not aware of mistreatment those tools or would really like an easier general tool, Google has created a Chrome app referred to as Chrome property medical specialty. It contains many completely different networking tests with the results displayed in AN easy-to-read format.

After installing Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics from the Chrome Web Store, start the app from the Chrome App Launcher to begin running the tests.

                  Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics running tests

To display all the tests and the results, click on the gear icon and select "Show passing tests." Clicking on the individual tests will provide a brief description of the test and a link to the logs.

                      Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics test results and log

That's it. If you happen to be on a Chrome OS device, you'll also notice two additional tests: Wi-Fi signal strength and default gateway is reachable.

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