Tuesday, 17 December 2013

When your PC doesn't recognize a 2nd drive


If you find the problem while installing the old drive second time as the PC is not recognizing it then this tutorial is here with the solution.


When you unplug the old drive then you must have done something wrong while plugging it back in. There are two connectors of the hard drive i.e. SATA and power. And, both of these should be plugged in properly. In case, the power connector is not connected properly then the drive will not work. If the SATA is not connected properly then the drive will not be visible to the computer.
Thereby, it is important to check the plugs again. After this, boot into your BIOS settings instead of Windows. For this, when you start your PC you can see a message that reads something like "Press key for Settings." Press this key immediately. Now, you can see a full-screen menu and you will find an option so as to control the PC’s boot order or boot priority.
Note: Never put your old drive inside the computer as any Cryptolocker Trojan can destroy those files that are available in your main hard drive as well as on the backup.
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