Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Use your mobile device with the Xbox One and PS4


Earlier mobile market was dominated with blackberry and Nokia. But, after the entry of Apple it has become the emperor of mobile industry. To enhance the charm of mobile devices, Microsoft and Sony has launched several mobile apps so as to allow gamers to access various Xbox One and PlayStation 4 features.


Xbox One SmartGlass

If you have Xbox 360 then you must be aware of Microsoft’s SmartGlass app. Let’s discuss about the app in brief:

Availability- It is available for free for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 and RT devices.

Getting started- When the first time you open the app, you need to sign in to your Microsoft account. After this, you can see four rows of tiles- Now Playing, recent, Featured and My Pins. With Now Playing tile, information about your current actions is displayed. The Recent section shows the recent Xbox activity. In the Featured section, new movies, TV shows, and games are available. My Pins section contains specifically pinned apps and games. From the Options menu, you can access your Xbox Live profile, friends list, achievements, pins, messages, and app settings.

Connecting to the Xbox One- Connect the Xbox One and your mobile device to the same network. For this, click “Connect” button again and again. If it is still not connecting then click “Enter IP address" option and then enter the Xbox One’s IP address.  

Functionality- By launching a live tile from the SmartGlass app, you can transform your mobile device into an 

Xbox One controller. You can choose games and programs along with a feature to display additional information on your device.

Tips- Use the “Stay Awake” option from app settings to keep the screen of your device from dimming or turning off. Also, you can use the search feature to find games, movies, TV shows, music and apps.

PlayStation 4

Sony has also released its PlayStation app to provide access to PlayStation Store including its features.
Availability- It is free in Apple’s App store and Google Play Store. This app is compatible with Android Smartphones and tablets.

Getting Started- To access the full features of the app, you need to log in to the PlayStation account. The What’s New Box displays the games which you have recently played as well as other updates from your PSN friends. With this, you can also get quick access to your profile, trophies, friends list, and purchase new games from the PlayStation Store. On the top, there is a navigation bar with options like notifications, invitations, game alerts, and messages. Get access to PlayStation news, tutorials, promotions and vents from Sony with Links tab.

Connecting to the PS4- Register your smartphone or tablet you are using to connect to the PlayStation 4. For this, go to settings, select “PlayStation App Connection Settings” and click on “Add Device.” Furthermore, connect your system and mobile device to the same network and then click on the “Connect to PS4” tab. After this, select your console and input the eight-digit code that was displaying on your HDTV.
Functionality- When the connection is complete, you can find three options: to disconnect, power the system down, or use your mobile device as a second screen. The second screen option provides two additional features- remote and keyboard.

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