Monday, 16 December 2013

Six settings to enhance browsing in Safari


Make your browsing experience more pleasant by changing some default settings in Safari. Here is the solution for doing this.


Set homepage options

The first option is when you create a new Safari window or tab and it is located in the General section. From here, you can select the option to open new windows with an empty page. Also, you can load an organized folder of tabs when you open a new window. By using Top Sites feature, you can set the number of previews to show in the same preferences pane.

Block pop-up windows

The feature of removing pop-ups is still available in Safari. But, you need to enable it by checking the appropriate box available in the Security pane of Safari’s preferences. By enabling it, you can prevent new browser windows from launching.

Clear site-specific data

Site-specific data can create a hindrance in your browsing experience. Thus, whenever you face such problems clear cookies and site-specific data but using Reset Safari option can clear data from all websites. Thus, go to the Privacy section of Safari’s preferences and click “Details” given under the option to remove all Website data. The panel that appears you can search the site from which you want to remove data.

Manage site-specific plug-in options

Similarly like site-specific content, you can manage site-specific plug-ins used to display content. Next to the option of allow or block plug-ins, you can find the option “"Manage Website Settings." With this, you can specify that in what way Safari handles each plug-in for specific web sites. After clicking the button, you can select a plug-in and then choose the restriction level used for other web sites.

Enable the Develop menu

Enable the Develop menu to load content directly from remote servers. For this, you need to check the corresponding box given at the bottom of the “Advanced” section of Safari preferences. Also, you can enable WebGL, change user agent identifiers, and use developer tools.

Tab through all items on a page

When you hold the “Option” key with Tab, Safari will highlight links and other objects. After this, press “Enter” to activate that link. You can reverse this behavior by going to “Advanced” section of Safari preferences and enable “"Press Tab to highlight each item on a webpage."

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