Monday, 2 December 2013

Share files between iPhone and Mac with DeskConnect | Tevhvedic


DeskConnect is the new free app for iOS devices that can let you share files between iPhone and Mac. Let’s discuss about it.

For using this app, you need it both on your iPhone and Mac. Further, you have to sign up for an account using an email address.
Talking about Mac, you can find DeskConnect in the menu bar. If you have logged into the iOS app then the drop-down menu contains iPhone in the list. You can also see the page you are browsing as well as send that page to the iOS app. This app do not transfer files from one device to another but upload files to DeskConnect servers. Then these files get stored there for 30 days. This server is located in the U.S. and your files are stored in an encrypted form.
From the preferences for the Mac app, you can check the box so as to show your Mac’s clipboard work as an option in the app to send to your iPhone. Also, you can drag a file to the DeskConnect icon in your menu bar and wait for the drop-down menu to appear. After this, choose iPhone from the list and drop it there to share the file. With some apps, you can get the option to share whatever file or page you have open.

Coming to iPhone side, you can find shared files in the grid. Just tap on a file to open it and a long tap to get the menu with Open, Copy and Delete buttons. Above this grid, you can find four buttons to send a photo, URL, document or the contents of your iPhone’s clipboard. To send URL, you have to create a bookmark.
On the Mac, DeskConnect fit itself into OS X Contacts app. By clicking on the number, you can get the option "Call via DeskConnect." Moreover, you can send directions to your iPhone. Mapping directions on your Mac can be shared with the directions to your iPhone. In the Settings of the iOS app, select to open directions in the iOS maps app or Google Maps.
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