Thursday, 5 December 2013

Make room on your Windows partition | Techvedic


Creating a restore point is very important before making space on Windows partition. Here in this tutorial we are suggesting you ways to do the task.


In Windows 7, click “Start” or in Windows 8, go to “Search.” After this, type “restore points” and choose “Create a restore point”. Then follow the prompts.

Go to C:'s root directory and search the folder named Windows.old. Now, examine the user folder within Windows.old. If you will find anything appropriate there then move the files to another folder such as Documents. Next is to delete Windows.old.

Open Control Panel's “Programs and Features” applet. Select the programs that you are not using and uninstall them.

Also, you can clean out the temp folder. In this, search for %temp% and you can remove the files that are older than the last time you booted the PC.

At this step, use Windows' disk-cleaning tool through which you can remove old updates. But, by using this you miss the ability of removing an update and return Windows to its former version.

For cleaning, you need to launch the Disk Cleanup tool as an administrator:

Windows 7: Click “Start” and type “cleanmgr.” Right-click “cleanmgr.exe” and select “Run as administrator.”

Windows 8.1: Use the Search Charm to find cleanmgr and choose “cleanmgr switches.” As a result right-click “cleanmgr switches” and select “Run as administrator’ given at the bottom of the screen. 

You get the list of several cleanup options after the program has examined your drive. The best one is called “Previous Windows installation(s).” Check it for sure to remove old updates.
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