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Ultrabook Buying Guide 2013: How to find the right Ultrabook? | Tevhvedic


Are you looking for a perfect Ultrabook? Then this tutorial can work as a guide to help you.


When you are buying Ultrabook, don’t forget to keep some specific features in mind:


Talking about Intel’s fourth-generation Core processors, two types are designed specifically for Ultrabooks. These series are differentiated by U or Y suffix. In the form of Intel’s Iris 5100 GPU, some processors of 4000U-series deliver high-end integrated graphics. U series processors can be used in traditional notebook formats such as Acer Aspire V7. Discussing about the Intel’s Y-series chips, it consumes less power as well as generate less heat. These are designed majorly for detachable computers. For detailed specs of the CPU in the Ultrabook, check Intel’s ARK website.
There are some vendors selling Ultrabooks with third-generation mobile CPUs. You can identify these CPUs by their 3000-series part numbers. Haswell chips are better than Ivy Bridge chips in terms of graphics and long battery life. Thus, if you need fast graphics then Haswell Ultrabook is a good choice.


It is recommended to have 4GB of RAM minimum. In case, a vendor is offering you memory upgrade to 6GB or 8GB then it is worth if you are getting a model in a sealed framework.


In Intel Ultrabook specs, you will not find its display resolution. But, 1366 by 768 is perfect for most applications. You can choose higher resolutions on larger displays that are starting from 1920 by 1080. Also, ultra-high resolutions like 3200-by-1800-pixel display on Lenovo’s Yoga 2 Pro are high in demand. The baseline requirement for an Ultrabook is touchscreen. So, consider a model with 10 touch points that can support all of the Windows 8 gestures.

Operating System

Don’t go for vendors that are selling Ultrabooks running Windows 7 as it is not sufficient to explore the features of Ultrabooks.


There are some vendors that are offering platter drive as an option or a low-capacity SSD paired with a platter drive.

Ports and networking

Always look for at least one USB 3.0 port and HDMI out. If an Ultrabook has SD/MMC card reader then it is a very nice feature. Furthermore, there are some manufacturers dropping Ethernet ports. Wi-Fi is the major requirement of Ultrabook. Now, Intel allows Ultrabook to support WiDi technology. There are notebooks that support 802.11n for single-band or dual-band Wi-Fi. For fast streaming, you can access 5GHz band. You can find vendors supporting faster 802.11ac wireless networking standard.
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