Friday, 6 December 2013

How to set up parental controls on the Xbox One?


There are many violent games that you don’t want your kids’ to play. Thus, parental control is must. Now, this facility is also available in Xbox One. 



Go to “Games & Apps” from console’s main menu and scroll over to Settings. Then select “Privacy and Online Safety.” You will get variety of options to customize your Xbox One experience which also include settings for privacy control as well as restricting inappropriate games or features. Also, you can access Xbox one’s settings by tapping the main menu which is given on the controller.


Here you will find three options available: child, teen, and adult to control privacy settings. From the child defaults, children can play and download free games, music videos and apps. Also, it lets kids to see their profile and interact with friends. Gamers can easily see when the child is online and available to play.

Additionally, teens can also see and share Kinect content, add friends, share and socialize in multiplayer games. In Adult setting, everyone can see your friends, game clips and any music apps as well as games .you have enjoyed. Also, you can allow others to see your full profile. You can create your own privacy settings. Your video app history is used by Microsoft to improve your experience by default. But, you don’t have to worry about it as Microsoft is keeping this information private.

Content Restrictions

This setting can be found on the right-hand side of the “Privacy & Online Safety” menu. You can use it to restrict access to content, features and more. The menu comprises of four options: Access to content, Web filtering, Descriptions in OneGuide, and Contact preferences. Restrict games, music, movies, and apps using “Access to content” option. You can configure system to allow age appropriate content only from 3 to 18.  

After setting the restriction, check the “Hide listings in search, stores, and apps" box so as to prevent inappropriate content from appearing in search results or the Xbox Store. Now, the web browser is filtered to allow only approved sites for children.

For blocking sexual and violent content, you need to click on the "Descriptions in OneGuide" option. In “Contact preferences”, you can opt-out of promotional offers from Microsoft, Xbox and its partners.


This is important to implement Parental control completely. For this, enter settings, choose "Sign-in, Security, and Passkey" option and then create your new 6-digit passkey. After finishing the task, this is required to sign into the system and purchasing items from Xbox One.

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