Friday, 6 December 2013

Resize windows like a pro in OS X


In the first six releases of OS X, windows can be resized using the tab available at the bottom-right of the window. But, with OS X Lion Apple is changing this method of resizing.


Now, you don’t have to move the left and top sides of a window to a desired location to resize it. Instead, you can simply resize from the left, top or any other edges to move your window around. It is very much convenient. And, you can also use other quick and easy modifications so as to enhance the window resizing efforts. 

For viewing content in full screen, you can click the double-arrow button in the upper-right corner of eacwindow or press the relevant key. The second option for resizing a window is click the green 

“Zoom” button available next to the red and yellow ones. These red and yellow ones are for closing and minimizing windows. It is not compulsory that button function remains the same for all programs and thereby, you can use some third-party enhancement programs like Moom so as to get options like zooming a window to a specific section of the screen.
Other options to resize windows fast are some built-in enhancements. You can use modifier keys along with your window resizing options.

Here are the two modifier keys for resizing behavior:

Option: By holding this, your resizing action will mirror to the opposite window control and thus, resizing the window around its corner.

Shift: When you hold it, you can preserve the aspect ratio of the window with respect to the opposite window control.

Also, you can use these keys in combination to reserve the aspect ratio of the window however resizing around its center point.

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