Friday, 20 December 2013

How to tackle JavaScript-based ransomware sites?

As a frequent computer user, you must have heard about Ransomware. Ransomware disguise itself to look like an FBI cybercrime intervention to cheat users. If you get throbbed by this scam, they will ask you for money. When you try to close the window, a notice comes claiming that your browser is locked and criminal proceedings will be initiated soon. This is all fraud. There is a simple code behind this is JavaScript. In this tutorial, we are giving you some easy solutions to fix the issue.


Disable JavaScript temporarily

By disabling JavaScript, you can restrict those warning pop-ups. For this, click the warning option to stay on the page. Open browser preferences and search the option to disable JavaScript. If you are using Safari then you can find this option in the Security section of the preferences. In case, you are using Chrome then it is in “Settings > Advanced Settings > Privacy > Content Settings.” In Firefox, you can find this in the Content section of the preferences. After closing the problematic browser window, go back to re-enable JavaScript.

Force-quit the bowser
By force-quitting your bowser, you sometimes get rid of this problem. When you launch that window again then most of the times it takes you to home page instead of that problematic site.

Reset Safari
This solution is for Safari users. For this, choose “Reset Safari” from Safari application menu and then check the option so as to close all Safari windows. By this, that warning window gets closed and JavaScript loop breaks. Now, you can reopen pages securely without any warning pop-up.

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