Friday, 20 December 2013

How to change users in Windows 8?


If you give your computer to other users then it is better to create more than one account for logging in. Switching between accounts is the fast way than rebooting. But, in Windows 8 you can’t find this option there where you would expect it to be. Now, you can find this option in a different location.


In Windows 8, Log off is refereed as Sign Off.  You will not find an option of “Switch user.” Instead of this, you will find the users name to switch. And, these options are at user icon.
At the top-right corner of the Start screen, you can find your name or picture. Click it and if there are other user accounts on that computer then you can select one to switch. Similarly as the earlier versions, your existing account will remain open and you can switch back to it anytime.
For logging into your account again, you have to enter your password. In order to completely log off from one account, you can click your name and choose “Sign out.”

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