Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Best practices for creating a home inventory


If you are looking for a best way to create a home inventory then here we are to help you out.


Be thorough

There are many things that you use thus, it is important to make your inventory as detailed as possible. It is a time consuming task to prepare the list of items that you own but after completing the initial list you can easily update it later. Always create an inventory with a method that can endure any natural disasters, fires or burglaries. The most optimum method is create a digital version of your inventory and store it in cloud.

Go digital

There is another way to make an inventory. In this, lay out your valuable possessions on the floor in each room and take a video. When you record, give name to each item. Store the video file in a cloud service such as Dropbox. Another service is called Digital Locker in which you need to take photos of your belongings and upload them directly to the service using an iPhone and Android app. You can upload three photos per item as well as fill the necessary information. Through these videos, you can easily prove that you owned that item.

Some important things to consider:

1. Once a year, update your list, video or pictures.

2. When updating the list or video, indicate those items that you no longer have as well as enter new items.

3. Without any inventory app, you can create a smartphone video.

Furthermore, if you have any other question regarding the inventories then you can contact your personal agent.
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