Wednesday, 18 December 2013

How to bypass damaged-application warnings in OS X


With Apple Gatekeeper security system in OS X, you can limit the applications. It means you can choose only those applications that are developed by trusted developers. By enabling this feature, you can’t open unsigned program. This feature also enabled warnings about damaged applications. Thus, it is little frustrating at times.


To resolve the problem, you can contact the developer to get an update to the program that can work with Gatekeeper. But, you can create a Gatekeeper exception for it. For this, you need to create a new rule set for the updated program in OS x Terminal:
By opening the terminal, type the following (do not press enter yet):
spctl --add --label "NAME"
In this command, replace “NAME” with a label that you would like for the rule. You can set it as program name.
Put only a single space after the “NAME” portion of the command and then drag the damaged application to the Terminal window. Now, the path is complete and the command should appear like:
spctl --add --label "NAME" /Applications/Program\ Folder/
Once finished, press Enter so that the program gets executed and an exception for the program gets created through which you can run it. Double-click the program and open it directly. This time you will not get hindered by any damaged application error.
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