Monday, 4 November 2013

How to set up two-factor authentication in Evernote?


Online world is highly risky as every day we heard about password security breaches. These issues are very common in technology world. No matter how strong your password is, a hacker can easily access your account by getting an entire password database. Therefore, almost all reliable sites are turning to two-factor authentication. Evernote has also started this option but for users with a Premium subscription. Now, all account holders can use this in Evernote. 


1.Sign into your Evernote account in your Web browser.
2.Click your account name in the upper-right corner, and then choose “Account Settings.”
3.Click “Security” in the toolbar at left. You can see a Two-Step Verification option; click “Enable.” Don’t forget to note the message about updating your mobile apps (if you use any), which is required to take advantage of the feature.


4.Follow the prompts. Firstly, you need to field a confirmation email, which should contain the verification code that you will enter back on the site. 
5.After this enter your mobile number and click “Continue.” Within few seconds, you will get a verification code. Type this code into corresponding box on the site. 
6.Here comes the tricky part. Verification via text message is not allowed in Freebie accounts. Thus, you need to install and use the free Google Authenticator app available for Android, Blackberry and iOS. After installing it, click “Continue with” for whichever mobile OS you use. 
7.Evernote will display (in your browser) a QR code that you can scan with the Google Authenticator app. After scanning it, enter the numeric code generated within the app.
8.Eventually, you can see a list of single-use backup codes which you can use when you are unable to complete two-step verification. On the next screen, you may need to write these down or print a copy.


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