Monday, 4 November 2013

Understand the limits of a virtual computer


If you have heard about virtual machine then you must know that software pretends to be hardware in it. You can load a computer into a VM application. There are two separate VM applications. Out of these, the easy one is VMware Player. 

VMware Player.-1


Talking about Oracle's VirtualBox, it can do much more. With its snapshot feature, you can make testing much easier as well as you can easily boot from external media. But, it is tricky. 

VMware Player.-2

Don’t take virtual machine as a paradise. There are certain limitations. Firstly, make sure that the virtual machine is not as powerful as the real one that it runs on. It will always has less RAM, worse graphics and fewer gigabytes for storage. Also, there are other problems. You need to set it up for sharing files over the LAN. In this, one needs to install special software in the VM but it may create problems. 
As this machine is not real thus, it doesn’t have any USB ports so that you can’t plug in a flash drive. Further, you can plug the drive into the real computer and then wait to connect the drive to VM. But, it doesn’t work always. 
Moreover, you can’t test any software in VMs. If you are not running Linux in the VM, you have to buy another copy of Windows for it. 
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