Monday, 11 November 2013

How to quickly recover lost data from your browser?


Suppose you have written a lengthy post in a browser-based blog tool. You have pressed the Backspace key to delete something but by mistake your entire unsaved work gets lost. This is due to the wrong position of your cursor that Chrome interpreted it as “Back.” Sometimes due to lost Internet connectivity or browser crash, you can lose your unsaved data. So, what is the solution?? 



For avoiding such situation or recovering your lost form data, you can use Lazarus. This is a browser add-on that makes it easy to recover your lost data. It is available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Lazarus saves every word you write into any Web form, blog tool, comment box or any other.
In order to bring back your data, click the little Lazarus symbol given above whatever box you were typing in. After clicking it, choose the bit of text you want to recover. Congrats, it reappears. Actually, Lazarus is very beneficial to save you from accidental deletions.
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