Friday, 25 October 2013

How Widgets Can Actually Make Your Phone More Productive?


Using widgets effectively can make your phone more productive. Nowadays, with 2GB of RAM and LTE in every major phone widgets can be used for number of reasons. Therefore, have a look on this tutorial for using widgets productively.


Reasons to use Widgets:


•Widgets can be used to list apps so that you can see them at a glance. You can stay updated with Weather widgets, calendar widgets, and others.
•Also, there are many widgets designed to save battery life by turning on and off certain features.
•Widgets cover plenty of space on your screen.
•Widgets are the way to see everything at once like notes, emails, RSS feeds, etc.

Below are some ways to use widgets productively:

1.Dashclock is helpful as it let you see local weather, missed calls, unread texts, calendar events, next alarm or unread Gmail counts. Also, you can add additional functionality like battery meter, music controls, data usage monitor, etc. using extensions. 


2.Unified Remote enables you to control everything on your computer from afar. This includes mouse and keyboard, volume, Spotify, VLC, YouTube, Hulu, PowerPoint, and music players galore.


3.Slider Widget lets you control all the volume levels from a single strip. 


4.Simple RSS Widget can import your feeds from the Feedly Cloud and displays a big, resizable, scrollable list of headlines.


5.Ultimate Custom Widget takes care of everything like battery status, unread Gmail counts, or next alarms as well as you can adjust its appearance as per your choice.


6.Google’s own widgets like Keep, Calendar or Gmail are also very useful.


How to Troubleshoot a Problematic Widget?

If your phone is running slow due to tons of widgets, figure out the problem:

•Go to “Settings” and open up “Apps.”
•View all running apps and if available, select "Show Cached Processes."
•Close each app one at a time to see if performance gets better. 

If your home screen is slugging then you can disable your live wallpaper as it eats up precious resources really fast. If it doesn’t work then start disabling least use widgets.
Technically, widgets improve battery life but some widgets which check for updates can cause problems with battery life. 
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