Friday, 25 October 2013

iOS vs. Android: Your Best Arguments


Android and iOS are the two most popular platforms in the market today. But, which one is better?? In this tutorial, we are going to discuss about both.

iOS vs. Android-1


1.Talking about Android, it is more customizable in terms of third-party launchers. But, in some aspects Android’s customization can cause problems. There are many apps like Zappos and golf game which you don’t need and can’t delete.
2.iOS is faster as well as more fluid. Thus, no matter how slow a device runs you will not feel any pause. But, Android is not smooth and fluid. And, obviously as a tech obsessed person you can’t tolerate this hindrance.
3.In terms of open platform for everything, Android is better than iOS. You can get apps from Google Play, AppBrain, Amazon Appstore, or anywhere else. But, iOS won’t allow you to do so. Therefore, Android is more flexible for apps as compare to iOS. 
4.iOS gets a nice update every year but Android is little slower in this. As Android is open source OS thus, it runs on a crowd of different phone makes and model. This year, Galaxy S4 came out with eye scroll and Air gestures features. But, at the same time these features have cut down the memory of phone. 
5.Apple always comes out with superior design and this makes it different from Android. On the other hand, Android devices use cheaper materials sometimes. The display is much better in iOS devices. Well, the new devices of Android runs really fast, offer great battery life as well as looks good. Although you can’t include all the devices in this yet, you can definitely choose the well-designed Android device. 
6.Apple iOS is more intuitive and can be easily learned by anyone. The Asus tablet running Android is quite useful but it is very un-intuitive in some aspects. After using iOS for a long time switching over to Android would be un-intuitive to you. Many people love their iPhone over Android in terms of UI. They find it clean, quick and consistent.
7.In case you want to tinker with your phone and mold it as per your choice then Android is the good option for you. However, if you just want your phone to work smoothly then you should go for iOS. In fact, you can find iOS simple, convenient and appealing. But, Android is little inconsistent.
8.For sharing anything, Android is better as iOS don’t have this facility. Another drawback of iPhone is the lack of back button.
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