Tuesday, 1 October 2013



There are many email services including Gmail, Yahoo, Msn and others which don’t allow users to send large files through an email. Thus, here are some free ways to send large files online.


1.For sending multiple files of 300 MB size, you can go for File Factory. The most striking feature about File Factory is it enables you to send 25 files at once. You can upload from computer or remote server.
2.For sending files without registering, YouSendIt is the available service. Through this, you can upload files of 100 MB each. These files will remain in the homepage for download for 7 days.
3.Another one is known as Drop.io which lets you upload files of 100 MB each. These uploaded files can be downloaded any number of times as well as you can password protect your files to retain privacy.
4.TransferBigFiles helps you to send large files of size 1GB each. Also, you can password protect these files and add a personal note to the email for recipient.
5.File Dropper is something really amazing. It lets you send files as large as 5 GB in size. Furthermore, you can upload movies, videos, executables, photos, etc. with File Dropper. After the upload, it provides you the personal link of the uploaded file. Just copy it and send it to friends so that they can download.
6.Tonsho is the new and interesting service which enables you to send files without uploading them anywhere. In case, your attachments are too large then Tonsho itself upload it to a server. 
7.By Dropsend, you can send files up to 2GB large. It is free and very comfortable to use.
8.For sharing files in Twitter, FileSocial is the easiest way. Attach your file and the link will be posted to your file. As an alternative, you have Sharesend also. But, you should go for FileSocial.
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