Tuesday, 1 October 2013

30 Simple But Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts in Window 7


Shortcuts are very important when you are working on computer. In this tutorial, we are telling you 30 simple and most useful shortcuts in Window 7.

Window 7


1.Window + L- It will lock your computer instantly.
2.Ctrl+Shift+N- It lets you create new folder.
3.Window + spacebar - Through this, all running applications become transparent and you can see the desktop.
4.Window + T - With this, you can get Thumbnails preview of running applications. 
5.Window + Up arrow - To maximize currently working application which cover entire screen.
6.Window + (Left/Right) arrow – By this, you can shift current focus application to left or right to desktop which cover half of the desktop.
7.Window + down arrow – It will minimize the current focus application.
8.Ctrl+Shift+Click to Open a Program As Administrator – This ask for administrator permission to access the program.
9.Shift + Right Click – It enhances send to option.
10.Window + Tab –It launches Window Aero Task Switcher.
11.Window + Pause- It will load system properties window.
12.Ctrl + window + F- It lets you know whether you are connected to any network or not.
13.Alt + D- For selecting address bar in any window i.e in My Computer, any folder and even in browser, etc.
14.Shift + Right-click on a file- With this, you can add Copy As Path option in the right click-menu of the file. This option copies the path of a file to the clipboard.
15.Shift + Right-click on a folder- It will help you to add the command prompt option to the Folder, so you can easily open the command prompt in that particular folder.
16.Shift + Right-click on a grouped taskbar button- It will launch the windows menu for the group.
17.Ctrl + Click on a grouped taskbar button- It helps you to switch to different window of same group if you keep on pressing it.
18.Win + G- You can switch between the Gadgets on the screen if you keep on pressing it.
19.Ctrl + Esc- It is an alternative to start a Start menu.
20.Ctrl + Shift+Esc- You can switch directly to Window Task Manager.
21.Window +D- With this, you can quickly minimize the entire running program and shows desktop.
22.Alt + Tab- It helps to switch to current running application without using mouse.
23.Windows +P- You can select the presentation display mode like projector only, duplicate, Extend, computer only.
24.Window + F – Open search window where you can search file, folder from your computer.
25.Window + (plus/minus sign button) - This helps to open magnifier window where you can Zoom in and Zoom out of your computer display.
26.Window + E –This helps you to directly launch My computer window i.e. Window Explorer.
27.Window + B – Through this, you can directly switch to System tray icon one after another.
28.Window + S –It allows you to grab a portion of your screen then paste it in One Note, similar like Snag it.
29.Shift + (Left Click/Middle click) – You can start a new instance of the application, regardless of whether it’s already running.
30.Lastly, you can maximize, restore or dock the active window simply by dragging it to the top or sides, or just grab any window by its title bar, shake it a bit and it automatically will minimize all the other windows at its background.
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