Monday, 19 August 2013

When Good Devices Go Bad


You must have heard about the National Security Agency (NSA) contractor that purportedly leaked data from the NSA regarding surveillance programs being conducted by the agency. Most probably, Edward Snowden who had access to confidential information did it. 

When Good Devices Go Bad-1

As per Los Angeles Times, Snowden used a USB drive for this purpose. He simply made a copy of files which was accessible to him and then leaked them out. Although NSA has the policy that only authorized administrators can use USB drives yet, there are several tools available for downloading that information from USB. These admins can find several reasons to use such a flash drive. These cases were very common. Almost 70% of businesses lost their confidential information due to the USB flash drives.

In terms of security also, USB drives are very risky. According to ISC-CERT report, two separate incidents were seen in which USB flash drive containing malware was connected to a computer within a power plant. All the cases have one common theme- USB flash drives. These drives are beneficial also when used in a right manner but every day increasing risks outweigh their benefits. 

Endpoint security is the suitable measure for this. These endpoint security solutions allow you to use USB flash drive in a safe and secure manner. They apply encryption for all portable devices. Furthermore, endpoint security can also apply data-loss prevention measures so as to ensure that sensitive data is not moved to portable media. In this way, authorized personnel can access the data but cannot transport them unless specifically allowed to do so. Also, endpoint security lets you monitor the systems on your network.

As now you are aware of endpoint security thus, you look for the products that are compatible with your operating system. USB flash drives are extremely useful and helpful tools when used properly. And, Endpoint security is the right way to protect your company against the threats of USB flash drives. For more from the XpertCrewTM team, please follow us on Twitter @Techvedic or contact Techvedic’s computer support helpdesk, as per below contact-details:

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