Monday, 19 August 2013

The 43 Things administrators-should-never-do

systems administrators


Here are 43 common things which an administrator should never do. These are categorized under Networking, Configuration, Security and best practices.


1. Forget to end each zone with the trailing dot.
2. Implementation of HOSTS files instead of resolving DNS issues is wrong.
3. Setting up two servers to forward one another can take down your network with the resulting UDP 
traffic generated by looping queries.
4. Unrestricted zone transfers make attacker’s job easier.
5. Avoid the use of WINS.
6. Implementation of LMHOSTS files instead of fixing WINS.
7. Using a disjoint namespace.
8. Bypassing a firewall is allowing an attacker to attack. 
9. Bridging networks is very wrong.
10. Using NAT internal traffic instead of split DNS.


11. Using a patch without testing is not at all safe.
12. Making untested changes is dangerous.
13. Making various changes concurrently.
14. Rebooting the server without informing.
15. Using unsupported characters in any name.
16. Allowing services to run using your account.
17. Enabling anonymous FTP uploads.
18. Open relay configuration.

19. Leaving default credentials intact is not good.
20. Using dictionary words for passwords.
21. Usage of non-expiring passwords.
22. Make use of shared credentials. 
23. Running downloads without verifying.
24. Using outbound permit ACLs in place of proxy.
25. Blocking PINGs.
26. Installing open Wi-Fi networks.

Best Practices
27. Surfing Internet while logged on as an administrator.
28. Email reading while logged on as an administrator.
29. Skipping documentation.
30. Skipping change logs.
31. Implementing a new system without a scheduled maintenance window.
32. Implementing a new system without including redundancy.
33. Running backups without verifying restores.
34. Skipping a security patch is very harmful.
35. Monitoring rarely.
36. Monitoring very often.
37. Emailing when you are upset.
38. Keeping information a secret.
39. Information update inconsistently.
40. Violation of licensing agreements.
41. Practice other than they preach.
42. Accessing file folder without permission.
43. Deploying changes to production without testing.

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