Monday, 26 August 2013

How to fix Web pages that print too small?


Most of the times you need to take the print out of the web pages. But, when the printed web pages come out too small then it is really irritating. This is generally due to “Shrink to Fit” option. According to this option, Internet Explorer squeezes all the elements of a web page by default onto a sheet of paper. Thus, go through this tutorial and fix it.


1. While viewing the page you want to print, click icon located in the upper-right corner. Then select “Print”, “Print Preview.”

2. In the “Preview” window, make sure that the default setting is “Shrink to Fit” in the toolbar’s print-size selector. Click that pull-down and choose 100%.

3. After this, you can see bigger photos and text. Now, you can go ahead and click the printer icon to proceed with printing. If the problem is still there then click selector again and choose a different zoom setting.

Also, your printer drivers may be the reason for this. Press Ctrl-P and access the printer properties or settings. Through this, you can see zoom setting. Also, you can look for a Print or “printer friendly” option on the page you are viewing. This option will strip away the extraneous graphics, ads and everything that can fudge up the formatting. In case, you are a chrome user go for “Print Friendly extension” to control the size of Web pages you print.

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