Thursday, 22 August 2013

How to Protect Your Twitter Account from Targeted Phishing Attacks?

Recently, the Syrian Electronic Army has been on a Twitter hacking roll. In fact, they have compromised the accounts of many major news outlets. After that, these compromised accounts were used to spread pro-Syrian government messages as well as fake news. Well, the latest victim of this hacking spree is the satirical news website “The Onion.” Basically, this was a targeted phishing attack due to which the staff members of The Onion got several phishing emails from SEA. Also, their emails provoked the users to enter their Google credentials so as to access the link. This similar technique was used to get the passwords for the Associated Press Twitter account.

phising attacks

To protect other high profile Twitter accounts, The Onion has provided some tips:
1.Users should be educated to check the suspicious link thoroughly regardless of the sender.
2.Keep the email address of your Twitter account on an isolated system as it will make your account safer against such phishing attacks.
3.Make sure that your Twitter activity should go through an app of some kind. By restricting password-based access to your account, you can stop the hacker from taking total ownership of your account. 
4.Try to reach out to all your users outside of their organizational email.
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