Monday, 26 August 2013

Add an external drive to your WMP or iTunes music collection


For Windows 7 and 8 users, this tutorial is suitable to add an external drive for large music collections.


Before the instructions, here are two warnings:

1. WMP can list songs stored on the external drive even when the drive is not attached. In case, you try to play any song it will show an error message.

2. Make sure this technique won’t work with all external drives. For finding out if it will work with yours, plug in the drive and open Windows Explorer (File Explorer in Windows 8) to “Computer.” If the drive is listed in the Hard Drive section, you can go further.

If your drive qualifies:
1. Plug in the portable drive.
2.   In Windows (or File) Explorer, right-click “Music” available in the left pane under “Libraries”, and       select “Properties.”
3.  Click “Include a folder” [Add in Windows 8] and follow the prompts.

Follow the above steps and add an external drive for large music storage. For more from the XpertCrewTM team, please follow us on Twitter @Techvedic or contact Techvedic’s computer support helpdesk, as per below contact-details:

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