Thursday, 8 August 2013

How to decrease the spacing in Chrome's bookmark lists?


Recently, Google Chrome users have noticed a change in their browser. As per this change, the spacing was increased between the bookmarks. Now, opening bookmarks bar lets you see fewer bookmarks of the list due to extra white space between each one. Well, no need to get restless as we have the solution. There is a way to force Google back to its original bookmark spacing.


1. Go to the desktop icon you use to launch Chrome. If it's on the desktop proper, right-click it and choose “Properties.” If it's available in your Windows taskbar (i.e. at the bottom of the screen), right-click it, then right-click “Google Chrome” in the menu that appears, and then click “Properties.”

2. Now, find the Target field. Click inside it then move your cursor to the very end of the line (which should read "chrome.exe").

3. Hit the “space bar” to insert a space, then paste in the following text: “disable-new-menu-style.”

4. Click “OK”, and then launch Chrome.
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