Thursday, 8 August 2013

The best and easiest ways to search for programs and files in Windows 8


Want to search for files and programs in Windows 8? This tutorial provides you the search techniques for both the modern interface and Desktop.


For Modern Interface

On the Start screen, type the search word. You will find the panel appears on the right side of the screen showing the list of how many matches it found in different category.
Most of the screen will display result for the top category by default. In case, you are looking for a file and the name which you have typed is not same as the name of the installed program then the search will come up empty. Now, check the files listing in the right-hand panel and most probably it will display a number higher than 0. Click “Files” to see the files containing that word.

For Desktop

For finding a program, press “WINKEY-r” and then type the program name, and press “ENTER.” It doesn't work always. If it doesn't, you need to use the Modern interface technique described above.

Try to find files in “File Explorer”, which you can always start by clicking the folder icon on the taskbar. From there, navigate to the folder which you want to search. The default location of File Explorer, Libraries, contains everything in your Documents, Photos, Video, and Music folders.

Directly below the ribbon, click the “Search” field on the right and type the word or phrase you're searching for. Also, you can refine your search using the various options in the ribbon's Search tab. This tab appears after you've done the initial search.
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