Thursday, 4 June 2015

How to Block Ads on Chrome? | Techvedic

Regularly bombarded with ads that keeps popping on the screen ?

Internet marketing evolved as a game changer; however, the way the marketing is done now-a-days have displeased many Internet users. These days the marketing hovers around coercing people to resort to products and for streamlining that the manufacturers are resorting to ad marketing. So, whenever you are doing something, a pop up ad appears on the screen and you literally wonder what the way is to get out of the mess. Such instances really test your patience and you literally give up abusing such ads.

How to block ads - Techvedic
How to block ads
This feeling is more prevalent when you are doing something important and you want to research on the net; however, to your surprise when you clicked on the link that contained the literature that you were yearning for, a new popup emerged urging you to buy a product. So, if you are feeling a torturous time dealing with such scenarios, in that case, you must find this blog useful towards blocking ads on Chrome. To block ads on Chrome, you don’t have to pursue any rocket science, rather, you can simply go through this blog and fix the mess in the best way.

You can use the “AdBlock” option that is available on “Chrome” to block unnecessary ads annoying you every now and then.


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