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How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android Phone | Techvedic

Google Android is the most prominent players in the smartphone market. You might proudly owning an Android Smart phone. You might be using them for various purposes other than just making calls. Android manufactures is in constant battle to improve their devices to provide better experience to their customers. Despite all, unexpected technical and human errors can cause data loss or damage. Sometimes data is deleted intentionally to create more space, and sometimes unintentionally when you go on to format the micro SD card or reset the device to factory settings. Divergent, though the processes are, but they may wipe out data or favorite photos from your device. Being a technical support vendor, we often hear people puzzled with such problems. Based on our experience, we are discussing here some effective steps to recover deleted photos on an Android smartphone.

Recovery from iCloud or Google Drive
Task becomes fairly easy if you have backed up your phone device data to cloud. With account credentials, you can logged in to your account over the Internet and get access to your favorite data without any delay.

Recovery using memory card (Android)

Here, you would need a microSD card reader (or a MicroSD to SD Adapter and a SD card reader) and a Windows PC or Mac computer. And most important a suitable Android data recovery software. 

Recover Deleted file in Android - Techvedic
Recover Deleted file in Android - Techvedic
Now proceed as follows:

Step 1 - Take the microSD card out of the phone. For that proceed as follows: turn off the phone, flip the phone face down, open the battery cover of the phone, take out the battery, then eject the MicroSD card from the phone.

Step 2 - Insert the microSD card to your microSD card reader and connect it to your computer using a USB cable. However, if you only have a SD to SDHC card reader, get a microSD to SD card adapter. Nowadays, most vendors provide microSD card bundled with a "microSD adapter". This converts a microSD card to a standard SD card. Once the microSD card is connected to your system, a new drive letter appears in “My Computer”.

Step 3 – Install a compatible third-party Android recovery software on your system and scan the microSD card to recover deleted photos on Android phone.

Step 4 – After success scan the data recovery software displays the entire list of items in the preview panel. You can select desired photos as per the microSD card capacity.
Step 5- Now remove the microSD card from your computer and place it back into your phone and cover the battery flip properly. And that’s all, you have done your job well.

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