Monday, 30 June 2014

Create a Virtual Drive for Your Desired Folder

Here is how to do it:

1. Open Command Prompt and provide following command:

subst drive_letter: folder_path

for example, if you want to create a virtual drive letter H: for a folder "E:\Wallpapers", then use following command:

subst H: E:\Wallpapers

2. It'll immediately create a virtual drive H: which will represent the "Wallpapers" folder:

Before using subst command:

After using subst command:

3. As you can see. A new drive letter H: has been created which directly goes to "E:\Wallpapers" folder upon double-click.

4. If you want to delete this virtual drive, then provide following command:

subst drive_letter: /D

for example, we created H: drive in Step1, so our command to delete this virtual drive would be:

subst H: /D

5. You can view a list of all existing virtual drives by simply giving subst command without any parameter in Command Prompt.


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