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How to Create eBooks for iOS Devices

How to Create eBooks for iOS Devices

Reading eBooks from your iOS device is quite elementary and it can be done by simply downloading an eReader app. Most eReader apps are free such as Apple’s iBooks, and can support .txt, .pdf, and .epub formats. This article will show you how to create your own eBook with the help of a program called Calibre

Calibre is a free program that helps you manage your eBook collection. The app also serves as an e-library and enables you to convert most types of document to any eBook format, which also includes the standard .epub and .mobi format (for Kindle). It also provides library management, syncing to eBook-capable devices, fetching news from the web and then converts it into eBook-friendly format, and allowing you to access your book collections online via your browser.

For directions on a way to produce Associate in Nursing eBook mistreatment the Calibre program, follow the steps below:

Follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Download and install Calibre on your computer.

STEP 2: Save the book into a common format such as .txt, .rtf, or .pdf.

-> For best results, save the book into .html or .xhtml format. Calibre does not support .doc or .docx    formats.

STEP 3: If you will self-publish the book or create it as a project, create your own title page using your preferred design program (Photoshop, MS Paint, etc.).

STEP 4: After designing your title page, save it as .jpg format.

-> You can set any dimension size for your title page. For best results, it is recommended to set it    at a 300 x 500 dimension.

STEP 5: Launch the Calibre program, then click the Add Books button.

STEP 6: At the bottom part of the window, look for the Enable menu, then select the format that you want to use for the book.

STEP 7: Browse the location of the book, then double-click it.

-> The Calibre program should load the book into its library.

STEP 8: Click the book at the center of the window to highlight it, then click Convert Books.

STEP 9: When a new window opens, click Output Format, then select the format you want to export the book into (for example, .EPUB).

STEP 10: On the left side of the screen, click Metadata, and then enter the title and the author of the book in the corresponding fields.

-> You may also add the publisher, keyword tags, and summary should you wish to do so.

STEP 11: Click the Change Cover Field button, then browse to the location of the title page you’ve created earlier, and then select it.

STEP 12: On the menu located at the left side, click the Page Setup button, then select Default Output Profile, and then click OK.

->  At this stage, Calibre will now start converting your book in .EPUB format (or to whichever format     you have chosen).

STEP 13: Once the conversion is complete, right-click on your book on the main window, and then click Save to Disk.

STEP 14: Click Save Only EPUB Format to Disk, and a pop-up window will appear.

STEP 15: Choose the location where you want this copy of your eBook to be saved, where you can transfer it later on to your iOS device.

-> A copy of your eBook will be saved in Calibre’s library, which can be found in your Documents 

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