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When it involves getting notifications or alerts for incoming calls or SMS messages, there’s some wholly totally different choices offered. galaxy s4 ,note 3,galaxy,samsung"

When it involves getting notifications or alerts for incoming calls or SMS messages, there’s some wholly totally different decisions offered. Vibrate-mode isn’t s unnoticeable as many users would love, and setting a phone to silent mode can have you ever ever missing necessary calls or texts. As a result there’s a third alternative (aside from the blinking semiconductor diode notification on the front) that many users can price a lot of extremely to use, or would love to disable. Thats the camera flash.

Galaxy S4 camera flash is employed as a bright notification or alert system, and this works on the Galaxy S3 or Note series still

You will need to head to settings, then tapping the “Device” tab up top
Settings- Device- Accessibility- Flash notification (check it to enable)
Move ahead and check the “Flash notifications” and that is it. You are all done. You may now have a super bright camera LED flash blinking and firing up always you receive text message or an incoming call.

Google Play Store. 
There has been a some reports that the 4.4 KitKat recent update has enabled this alert option of flash for some users, although the difficulty is not widespread. So, if you had like to disable the camera flash for notifications for the Galaxy S4 simply uncheck it. The same as Settings-Device-Accessibility-Flash notifications only needed to be unchecked and it is always better to boot after the settings change of this level

You need to head to settings then tap on “My device” tab up top. Settings-My Device-Accessibility-Flash notification

When you check the option in settings for Flash notifications you will now have a super bright flash of the LED camera whenever there’s an incoming text or call and this can often be configured by other party Android apps. But for beginners, only enabling this will be more than enough. Also easily uncheck this to disable the feature if it has enabled it or a recent update may have turned it on.

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