Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Factory Reset Your Samsung Galaxy S3

Just like with any other smartphone (or a computer device for that matter), the Galaxy S3 loses its performance over time, for a number of reasons. Unused apps, widgets, junk data (including photos, videos, browser history etc) and different programs clog up your smartphone’s Android OS over time, resulting in reduced performance.

By making sure you have the latest Android OS installed on your smartphone is all it takes usually to ensure a clean and well running system. But sometimes, even upgrading your OS might not solve your problem. In those cases, a factory reset becomes a necessity.

* Backup Data Before Performing A Reset

Basic Reset VS Hard Reset

Basic Factory Reset, which can be easily done from your Android’s settings menu

Basic Reset Steps
settings menu -> ‘Backup and Reset’ option. 
Tap it, and choose ‘Factory Data Reset’. 
Selecting the ‘Delete All’ option will remove all data from your smartphone.

Please remember, that in a basic reset of this kind, only data from your smartphone is wiped out; data in your SD and SIM will remain.

Hard Factory Reset
Hard Factory Reset, which can be done using the recovery menu of your smartphone. 
more advanced options; like complete data wiping, partitioning of your storage, and cache handling. Hard Reset will also help you decide whether you want a total wipeout of your smartphone’s data, or just a few particular apps and programs.

 -> Hold Volume Up, Power and Home buttons together, and you’ll get a vibration. 

 -> Next, you’ll see the Galaxy screen. 

 -> This is when you need to let go of the Power button.

 -> Make sure you keep pressing the remaining two buttons (Home and Volume).

If done right, you’ll be taken to the Android Recover Screen. Look for a ‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset’ option and choose ‘Delete All User Data’. For confirmation of each options, you will need to press the power button. Once done, simply reboot your system, and the next time it loads, you’ll have a brand new (and hopefully much faster) OS running on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

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