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While developing websites, debugging them for CSS or JavaScript becomes the key a part of development. and every one the websites that we develop nowadays are responsive in nature. I even have seen developers debugging responsive CSS by resizing their browser window, as they like using the powerful debugging tool that bundles with Chrome. However, there are instances once the positioning rendered on actual device is completely different than however it hundreds in a browser.

So there ought to be the simplest way to directly right the web site on your robot device. allow us to see the simplest way to right webpages on Chrome for robot using pc and with the assistance of android SDK.

You will ought to transfer & Install android SDK to with success remote debug the webpage. Check the official android documentation on a way to install robot SDK for various platforms.

Once you've got the android SDK install on your system, it’s time to arrange your android phone to permit debugging via chrome. merely goto Settings > Developer options and turn on the USB Debugging. That’s all you wish to try to to with the phone. currently connect the phone together with your pc via USB cable and continue below to start out debugging at intervals the robot phone via your PC. 

Forwarding the port via ADB
Open the command prompt (for windows) or Terminal (for mac & Linux). Once you're at the command line, merely browse to the android SDK install folder. Since i'm exploitation mac and the installation is just unzipping the folder. However, for Windows machine the quality install path should.


When you are inside the SDK folder, simply browse to “platform-tools” folder. Now write the following command -

1 |adb forward tcp:9222 localabstract:chrome_devtools_remote

Now open the website which you want to debug inside Chrome. On your desktop browser simply navigate to http://localhost:9222 , you should be able to see the list of open windows ready to be debugged.

Click the window which you want to debug and you should be able to see all the HTML tags. Now you can debug the Mobile Website similar to how you debug a normal website.

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