Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Mac :- Night mode

Instead of gazing AN extra-bright screen in an exceedingly dark space, install this free app on your waterproof and save your eyes with night-mode.

When operating in an exceedingly dark space, turning the brightness down on a show, even to the bottom setting, will still be irritating to your eyes. although your eyes will handle it, the sunshine from your screen is annoying to those around you.

A free app referred to as Tranquility, originally lined by TUAW  adds an evening mode to your Mac.

By installing the app from Pixio, you are able to change to nighttime viewing by clicking on the icon in your Mac's menu bar.

Users are able to customize the overall look and feel of the night mode, including switching between a monochrome or tinted-colors look. In addition to adjusting the color scheme, you're also able to have the app hide your desktop wallpaper, and disable any shadows found throughout OS X.

You can download Tranquility from Pixio by visiting the company's Web site.

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