Friday, 27 December 2013

How to reset the audio system in OS X?


In order to implement audio into programs and system services, the audio system in OS X offers various features like audio processing, MIDI, input and output, etc. You can interact with audio system through System Preferences, Apple’s Audio MIDI Setup utility, etc. But, problems may occur in it like no sound, scratchy audio, etc.


If this problem occurs, check that the problem is in program or it is systemwide. Try to use some other program to record or play back some audio. If it is working properly, try to change some settings of the problematic program. If it doesn’t work then quit the program and re-launch it again.
The next step is to reinitialize the system’s core audio daemon process. Also, you can try changing some audio format and audio/output device settings in the Sound panel of System preferences. Further, you can use Audio MIDI Setup utility available in “Applications > Utilities folder.”

If still it is not working then reset the audio daemon by restarting your system. But, if you are working on your computer then it is not recommended to restart it abruptly. In that case, reset the audio daemon manually. For this, open the Terminal Utility and run the following command:
sudo killall coreaudiod

Moreover, you can use graphical interface tool for this. Launch “Activity Monitor” and select “All Processes” from the View menu. Then search for “coreaudiod” in the process list. By selecting it, click the “Quit” button in the Activity Monitor menu bar.
With these actions, you can quit the “coreaudiod” process but it can be launched again as it is loaded by Launch Daemon script.
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