Tuesday, 17 December 2013

How and why to use Google+, the surprising champ of photo sharing?


Google+ has various settings, tools and resources that make it a better social networking app. But, it is surely very complicated to use as compare to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. That’s why it is very difficult to find a single person who uses Google+ exclusively. 


There are different purposes for which people use Google+. Some used it for Google’s search rankings and other used it just for fun. Google+ is interesting if you build up a profile in it. With this, you can add friends or have fun with friends that are already there. In this, you can add people using their working details or search them by name. Google+ also enables you to limit the audience of your posts. Further, you can join or start communities, restrict uninteresting posts and share stuff from around the world. Also, it works with Maps and Gmail. You can share content from Gmail to G+ page directly.

It offers various options like a little arrow that allows you to disable the comments and shares. You can use the world of Chrome extensions for Google+. Using services like Buffer, you can cross-post the same article across multiple sites.

Photo features of Google+

Its photo sharing feature is very interesting and makes it worth useful. Talking about till October, almost 1.5 billion photos are uploaded to Google+ each week. Uploading photos is very easy using Chrome. With Google+ iOS and Android apps, you can turn on auto-backup setting for your images so that all the photos you take on your phone will be uploaded and stored in a private album on G+. You can edit the photos in the network’s Lightbox that are available in the Google sphere. These photo editing tools are available for desktop users only. So you can’t use it with phones. Also, you can turn on the G+ auto-enhance feature in the apps. For more facilities, you have to open Chrome. In desktop, you can use various editing tools from rudimentary crop and rotate functions to vintage filters, sharpen/blur effects, center focus, frames, and a crazy tilt-shift option. Even you can make your photos look as if they are coming from a sun-bleached 1960s film strip. Recently, Google+ has released a holiday update to Auto Awesome feature which can turn stills of snow falling into GIFs of snow falling.

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