Friday, 1 November 2013

Ultimate guide to the paperless office


Nowadays, use of papers have become very less as tools to digitize most of your paper work is available. In fact, it is better for increased efficiency, better security and reduced environmental footprint. 


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Go for Scanning

The easiest way to reduce paper documents is to scan and archive them. For this, you can go for SimpleScan Connect’s portable scanners that offer single- or double-sided scanning capability. If you are dealing with formats then you can try desktop scanner such as the Fujitsu ScanSnap V600. Always go for a multifunction printer if you want to buy a scanner for a crowded office. There are certain mobile apps that let you capture documents. 

Paperless Faxing 

Further, several business procedures use faxed documents. This advancement in technology has made office culture more environmental friendly. Using multifunction printers, you can email incoming fax messages as PDF file attachments to a PC. If your business rely heavily on faxing then you need to use advanced server-based options such as GFI FaxMaker or RightFax. 

Electronic Signatures 

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Also, you can adopt electrical signatures to eliminate paper use. For internal paperwork, you can use a system in which electronic medium like email is available to approve decisions or purchases. Moreover, for external documents, you can use digital signature without printing anything. Adobe Reader allows you to sign in a PDF document with your finger on a touchpad.

Digital Notes 

Taking digital note is another way to eliminate paper use. Using apps like EverNote and Microsoft OneNote, you can make notes digitally. Traditional messaging platforms like Microsoft Exchange also include text-only Notes which can be accessed in the PC and Mac Outlook clients. Livescribe Sky Wi-Fi Pen can be easily used to write and save notes as well as audio recordings to your Evernote account.

Reduce where you can’t eliminate 

Eventually, you have to admit that paper printouts are unavoidable. Thus, you can use duplex printing to reduce the amount of paper used. 
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