Friday, 1 November 2013

How to Find Creative Commons Video Assets?


As every computer has built-in video editing software nowadays thus, creating YouTube video is not a very cumbersome task. But, if you also want to integrate images, music or other media into that video then it is a bit tricky job. On using copyrighted songs and pictures, YouTube may suspend your account as well as remove that video from YouTube. So, to avoid such situations you can use media which is listed under a Creative Commons license as it is completely legal. But, from where you can find these media. Also, what are the best file formats that can be used for the video? Well, by going through this tutorial you can get answers to these questions.

Creative Commons Video Assets


You can include images in your videos through a number of sites. In Google, you can go to Image Advanced Search and select the usage rights you wish to put in place. Also, you can go for Flickr and WikiMedia Commons and Creative Commons' own website.

Video Clips
For video, you can search several sites like Blip TV. YouTube also has an option to display clips under Creative Commons only. Also, Vimeo is available having videos under Creative License. While integrating these clips into your video, mostly recommended formats are AVI or MPEG.

Getting music with Creative Commons’ license is a difficult task. For this, Tribe of Noise and ArtistServer are available where you can find Creative Commons’ music. Further, you have Jamendo and SoundCloud to search for Creative Commons audio. MP3s are the standard files but for high-quality audio, go for WAV or AIFF.

Creative Commons also has list of sites and blogs where you can easily get licensed texts. Also, you have IntraText and Wisdom Commons that includes free-to-use texts and narratives. You can easily take text from there and put it in your video using your preferred video editing software. 

Fonts and Other Assorted Media
If you are looking for fonts then you can find plenty of resources to help you in this regard. Open Font Library has many Creative Commons fonts to download. Also, you can go for font sites like FontSpace. 

Proper Attribution and Reading of License
If anything is under Creative Commons’ license then it doesn’t mean that you can use it as your own. While placing their work under Creative Commons’ licenses, creators have variety of options that in what way they want their intellectual property to be used or handled. If you are altering piece in any way then make sure the license allows it. 

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